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LGBTI health

LGBTI people around Europe often face difficulties when accessing healthcare: their specific health needs are not recognized, and they might face discrimination and harassment from health professionals or fellow patients. 
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Project activities



We explore the legal and policy environment, and the attitudes of health professionals via desk research, surveys and interviews.



We publish a short guide and a detailed handbook to provide health professionals with information and guidance.



We offer in person and online training for health professionals and medical students implementing the Health4LGBTI training methodology.


Awareness raising

We conduct a social media campaign targeting LGBTI people and health professionals emphasizing the importance of inclusive and competent care.

Who we are

The project is carried out by a partnership of universities and LGBTI organizations from five European countries (Bulgaria, Hungary, Italy, Poland and Spain). The project is supported by a large number of academic and professional organizations.
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Hátter Society Bilitis GLAS Lambda Warszawa
SURT University of Brescia University of Girona

Supporting organizations

Health Department of the Government of Catalonia Association of Hungarian Public Health Nurses National Institute of Public Health - National Institute of Hygiene



National reports


Comparative report


Guide for health care professionals


Handbook for health professionals